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Anime, pronounced (ah-NIH-may) is the common term to describe or refer to Japanese animation. While anime refers to cartoons, it usually depicts more serious topics than you will see in the typical American.

In the United States, cartoons are one of the most popular a forms of entertainment that are created for children. In Japan, anime doesn’t have an age limit and these cartoons are watched my people of all ages.  

Compared with modern anime’s such as Full Metal Alchemist, Bleach, and Afro Samurai, old anime is missing proper graphical representation. Fat anime can be considered an alternate medium to deliver the same stories, but with humor, thus bridging the graphical gap.

This is where the idea of Fat Anime has received a lot of attention. The fun in fat anime is that you are changing an already known medium into an alternate representation of itself. Taking old anime and creating new “fat” anime, common in comparison to changing every character into a baby caricature of itself.

Most of the anime shows and movies that you find are created with kids, adolescents, or young adults in mind.  However, there are a lot of anime cartoons that are created exclusively for adults, young and old.

There are many genres in anime with basic categories like comedy, romance, action, drama, and pornography.  Many popular anime cartoons are created specifically for boys, girls and even businessmen.

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